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A Home for Abigail

Everyone Needs a Forever Home

When an abandoned female dog is thrown out on a deserted street after giving birth to her pups, she thinks she will never be happy again. As she tries approaching different people, no one really stops to help her. That is until a kind, gentle woman named Sandy Cook stops to see if the dog is lost or hurt. It is from this moment on that Abigail’s life will change forever.

I found this to be a heartwarming story that both children and adults could really enjoy. Reading about the rough life Abigail endured, just tore at my heart. I wanted her to find her forever home and learn that people could love her unconditionally. What I also found fabulous was that Ms. Cook illustrated this story herself with paintings she created to accompany the storyline. I feel this would make a great book to read to your children or to have them even read it to you. Abigail is one special dog and children will love reading her special story!