Feathered Quill Book Review

S. Marriott Cook nudges the heartstrings of any lover of animals in her heartfelt story of A Home for Abigail. Abigail’s story begins on a terribly sad note. She is a new mother of eight pups and her master wants nothing to do with her. He drives her to a random street and stops his car; looks up the street, then down. When he is certain there are no witnesses, it’s time to finish what he set out to do. “…Come on…” the man said as he pulled the dog from the car. As soon as the dog was on the ground, the man slammed the back door closed. He jumped in the car and sped away. If only Abigail had a voice, perhaps that man would have been the one who would be brought to justice… Read More

Bluebonnet’s Blog

MBC and I are partial to stories that have happy endings.  Thus, we were pleased to read “A Home for Abigail,” with an ending made happier by knowing that it is based on a true story… Read More

Night Owl Reviews

When an abandoned female dog is thrown out on a deserted street after giving birth to her pups, she thinks she will never be happy again. As she tries approaching different people, no one really stops to help her. That is until a kind, gentle woman named Sandy Cook stops to see if the dog is lost or hurt. It is from this moment on that Abigail's life will change forever…Read More

Reviewed by Paola Belloso

“A Home for Abigail” by S. Marriott Cook is about Abigail, a white dog who was abandoned on the streets by her owner after she had her babies. Abigail’s journey started by trying to let people know she really needed help. She was so weak and tired of walking after her owner’s car that she stopped to rest…Read More